Emma Varjo

Strategic Game UX Designer

UX is at the heart of game development answering questions such as:

  • Who our players are?
  • Why they play our games?
  • Can they have the experience we want them to have?

There’s also another side to it – can the people working on the games do their work efficiently and sustainably?

In my daily work I strive to answer all of these questions through research and experimentation as well as solving any arising issues by creating tools and processes as well as educating the people involved on the relevant concepts and issues.

My background in human computer interactions and usability coupled with consulting in software and robotics means I work together in different kinds of teams often acting as a bridge between disciplines. Empathy and passion drive everything I do and have caused me to work on great games, give talks on game UX, and build communities around game UX.

Examples of my work

Other professional milestones