Boreal Blade

Boreal Blade is a team-based melee fighting game with a focus on player vs player combat, combining reactive and tactical gameplay with extraordinary freedom to variate your attacks and develop your unique fighting style.

Keywords: UI design, interaction design, facilitation/communication, production

I joined the team when drafts for most UI had already been created. I was tasked with giving the UI screens a once over to ensure the information architecture was up to par and navigation worked on mouse, keyboard, mouse and keyboard, and controller. I also guided the UI artist in the creation of the UI art style for the game.

As the team was very small and they were deep in the iteration phase, they had not written much down. I shepherded the creation of a game design document and helped the team solidify the core audience, core mechanics, and main sources of inspiration as well as the competitors to measure the game against. This helped greatly in communication within the team and gave them a morale which helped them move from iteration phase to polish phase to the release of the game.

The main menu of Boreal Blade. A stylized logo and a list of options with a landscape of snowy mountains in the background