Being the first official person focusing on user experience at Frozenbyte has been interesting. Not only have I worked in various projects, I’ve also sparked the change in the company toward a more mature design culture.

Nine Parchments (2017)

Nine Parchments

Keywords: UI design, interaction design, information architecture, accessibility, feature design, prototyping, facilitation/communication

I made the menus and chat system designed only for PC in English to work with consoles, in multiple screen sizes and languages. Read all about it.

Boreal Blade (2019)

Keywords: UI design, interaction design, facilitation/communication, production

Joined the team to help with UI and interaction design and ended up helping shepherd the team from iteration phase to polish phase of the production cycle. Read all about it.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince (2019)

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Keywords: Style guide, atomic design, UI design, interaction design, user flow mapping, prototyping, accessibility, feature design, user research, expert evaluations, facilitation/communication, leadership

I created a style guide and interactive prototypes to help facilitate communications between UI art, UI design, and programming. I also took ownership of user research and improved research methods and practices. Read all about it.

Starbase (Early Access, 2021)


Keywords: Style guide, atomic design, UI design, interaction design, feature design

I helped implement a style guide similar to the one I created for Trine 4 for the team. Additionally, I designed an in-game tool with which players could give us feedback, report bugs, and send other messages to us, streamlining the process greatly from what Frozenbyte had in place before. Read all about it.

Trine 5 (2023)

Keywords: User research, expert reviews

I continued the work on user research I started with the team when we worked on Trine 4. Read all about it.



Keywords: User research, foundational research, competitive research, UI design, interaction design, UI engineering, team leadership, product management/production, facilitation/communication

I started as a team of one researching, designing, and improving the UX of the internal tools used at Frozenbyte. Eventually the team grew to encompass six programmers and designers with me leading them. Read all about it.

Listening guides

Keywords: Graphic design, service design

I create visual listening guides for the Polytech Orchestra‘s programme notes to give the audience more touch points to the music to help with engagement during and after the concerts. Read all about it.

Speaking and events

Other professional milestones